Tea house, NYC

It's not a traditional tea house, per se, but a lovely place for a gathering. It's a tea house off of University Place on the second floor of the establishment. Unfortunately, I forget the name.

Months ago, a friend of mine suggested we meet there with a mutual friend of ours. We hadn't seen each other in quite some time, and I readily agreed. We chatted further on the phone and then made plans. As it happened, I ended up chatting with our mutual friend later in the week before our scheduled appointment and thus managed to catch up with everyone before we met. When we finally found ourselves seated around the table, I had already heard the stories my friends told to each other. It was like watching the movie right after having read the book. Or something.

Speaking of gatherings, it's hard to believe that Christmas is next week. A few weeks ago, it seemed so far away and I was chasing the holiday spirit. Then the spirit found me and Christmas seems almost too soon. Last week it was a series of holiday parties and tree trimmings and cookie bakings. Next week is a little more quiet, but then I'll be travelling to Connecticut to spend the weekend with my parents. My brother and his family are coming by for the first time in a long time, but I'll miss them in Connecticut. We'll be catching up in New York over the New Year's weekend. And then it will be 2011. Crazy.

P.S. I don't know what it is about this photo, but it makes me think of Paris. . . Perhaps a destination next year . . . ?

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lovely framing work piece of craft. mode and mood right on.

Posted by S. Fann on 24 Dec 2010, 1.05 AM

Thanks S. Fann! I think I got a little lucky with the lighting. :-)

Posted by eugene on 15 Jan 2011, 9.01 PM

Great B&W composition !

Posted by Kevin P. on 16 Jan 2011, 6.14 PM

thanks, Kevin!

Posted by eugene on 17 Jan 2011, 9.20 AM

Great mood. I like the little bit of motion blur.

Posted by Brian on 30 Jan 2011, 10.10 AM

bellissimo lavoro

Posted by saverio on 09 Feb 2011, 2.56 AM

Great photo! Reminded me the works of Brassai.
Keep up the great work!

Posted by JS Photography on 20 Feb 2011, 10.10 AM

Thanks Brian! I don't know if it's motion blur or just being a little out of focus. :-)

Posted by eugene on 13 Apr 2011, 8.34 PM

Wow, JS! That's heady praise indeed! Thanks!

Posted by eugene on 13 Apr 2011, 8.40 PM

How anguished she looks. Could be a still from an early Agnes Varda film.

Posted by N.P. Thompson on 15 Apr 2011, 11.00 PM

Love this! :) S. Fann is right, mood is fantastic!

Posted by Dan B on 26 May 2011, 1.59 PM

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