Macy*s and the Empire State Building, NYC

It feels like it's about to storm. The humidity has been high all day, and the air feels almost oppressive with it. It's been warm the past few days, and it almost feels like summer is on its way instead of winter. But we all know better than that.

I'm finally looking at the rolls of film I had developed over the summer. The bulk of the photos are of South Africa, and I'm trying to get those in some semblance of shape so I can post them before I head to Croatia. I'm really behind with posting things. There's a set of images from China that I've been meaning to edit and post since last year. At least the South Africa trip was from this past summer.

I think I took this photo last winter. There were a few rolls of film I had sitting on shelves that I had forgotten about. I'll be posting from those rolls the next few weeks. Little random shots here and there from New York. That is, until I get the South Africa images together.

Meanwhile, I'll wait for the storm . . .

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Great shots come from random scenes. All of the elements come together in this shot to make.
Lloyd Wood Devix

Posted by Lloyd Wood on 07 Nov 2010, 1.17 PM

I agree with the first post: everything just pulls together to make this work. It is almost apocalyptic!

Posted by Lee on 23 Nov 2010, 8.05 PM

great night shot! spooky mood.

Posted by minimodi on 14 Jan 2011, 9.06 AM

Thanks, Lee! I hear what you're saying but I'm glad it's not so! :p

minimodi: thanks! I think it might have just been after a rainstorm when I shot this.

Posted by eugene on 15 Jan 2011, 9.56 AM

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