Times Square, NYC

I have yet to visit Times Square since they've closed off traffic on Broadway. All reports make it sound like an incredible experiment; I can't wait until it becomes actual park land.

These were taken a few weeks ago. I had climbed the stairs above the new TKTS booths and was shooting down on the crowds lounging about the area. The line for tickets was just to the right and perhaps under the frame.

Times Square seems to have undergone quite a few changes and updates over the past 15-20 years. I wasn't yet in the city when it was on the seedier side. Disney already had designs on the street, and it was well on its way towards being cleaned up. Now, the area seems to becoming more and more of a theme park. I'm not dismissing the area; it's just an observation.

I had been in the area quite a bit, as I was on a bit of a theater kick. The cost kept me from keeping it up, though I still plan on trying to get tickets to Wicked at some point using the lottery process. There just hasn't been a convenient night yet.

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Posted 30 Jun 2009   |   Photography + design © Eugene Kuo // 226.