A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending Geoff's first gig in New York. It was a short set and a loose affair, but after having listened to his music on record (and hearing about his new electric piano purchase) I was eager to hear him live. He performed in the back room at Public Assembly as part of a larger Williamsburg music festival. His set was in the afternoon.

I emerged from the subway into the detritus of a street fair. The skies were heavy and the street vendors appeared to have disassembled quickly in advance of the rain. People milled about the street, deciding what to do. A few almost empty tents fluttered.

The back room was sparsely filled. Geoff was already on stage, making final adjustments to his equipment. He made comments to his bandmates—a guitarist and bassist—and did a quick soundcheck. He played a song on piano and I thought his set had begun. He stopped and made more adjustments. He then nodded to the soundbooth, the lights went down, and he began his set proper.

Outside, the rain fell.

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good pic!! so special

Posted by singapore photography services on 06 Sep 2009, 9.05 AM

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