Bannerman Castle, NY

On my birthday I went to the Dia:Beacon. I met Yw in Grand Central Station and took the train from the city. The train followed the Hudson River as we travelled north, leaving the city behind. As we neared Beacon, I pointed out the window to the castle fast approaching.

The simulated Scottish castle and residence was built in 1901 by David Bannerman, the son of Scottish scrap metal dealer. The property and island were sold later to the Taconic Park Commission in 1967. A fire broke out in 1969, which destroyed most of the castle.

Tours are lead to the island to view the castle. Hard hats are required, though I don't believe visitors can actually enter the castle. We thought about going, but were too late to book a cruise. We went to the museum and then wandered through the small town of Beacon before returning to New York.

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So wonderfully soft.

Posted by iheartfilm on 13 Jul 2009, 1.57 AM

thanks for your comment! i took this from the moving train, hence some of the softness.

Posted by eugene on 13 Jul 2009, 8.56 AM

I love the softness, too

Posted by Jean on 20 Jul 2009, 1.03 PM

thanks jean! and yay! yours is the first comment to have been made on the blog since it's moved to this new address! thanks!

Posted by eugene on 20 Jul 2009, 4.05 PM


Posted by ASsdio on 24 Jul 2009, 3.03 PM

wow! i love how the blurred foreground complemented the castle.

Posted by corn on 05 Aug 2009, 8.26 PM

thanks assadio and com.

com: the blurred foreground was unintentional. i scrambled to take this as the train was driving by the castle. one of these days perhaps i'll be able to spend some more time with it.

Posted by eugene on 09 Aug 2009, 7.10 PM

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