The Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC

Welcome back to monochrome. Hopefully I'll have everything set up and working magically perfectly by the end of the weekend. A lot of the changes are tweaks I've been wanting to make for a while but haven't had the time or inclination to get to. Moving to a new domain gives me all the reason I need to go back into the code and try to figure out a few things I couldn't before.

For those coming to the site for the first time, ignore that there was any movement at all. :-)

I took this photo a month or two ago during the weeks of rain and fog. While some people were anxious about the summer, the weather didn't bother me. I liked the cooler temperatures; didn't mind the overcast skies. It reminded me of my first trip to Paris, in February. The temperatures were mild, the days atmospheric. On the whole, Paris might look better under grey skies, but then there are times, like the one in which I took this photo, where New York reveals its own charm while under the weather.

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great building view!!

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Posted 18 Jul 2009   |   Photography + design © Eugene Kuo // 226.